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a deal with the ants but often the heiress money back. they don't want them to sell and there are very open to us in this. and from the same kind and i think in the future of the mufti you. this will be main solution for these kind of problems. there will be a financial or other arrangements. and it's it's it's it's it's already the case than local arrangements and what were we talking about here. i mentioned a figure over fourteen hundred i think is one thousand four hundred six artworks. and it's the art curators are saying it's unbelievable the richness of this collection. do you suspect that there's a lot more true similar to this that we just don't know about yet. ms is a christian everybody is. and in the autumn because the we don't know when. how much the paintings and other pieces off on time i'd be hiding and being hidden in the mornings as i can and so on. we done nothing about this because a lot of these easel five. and i relaxed slow and we don't know nobody knows in this case is there a time that passes with looted art of this nature where cornelius garlic is not in charge
can remember his left hand has been clinched its east the new renters don't see us until smooth. as a gift to you and he said calderon to scorching all healed the scheme is a knowledge and earthy clear of scott's team. he longed for his team a two pt school and has been reconstructed. today he's about to discover he has seen its like everyone else. thus the awe. they didn't lose him how he begins his fingers stuck together and now that separates the sydney seat i'm thrilled. i mean what you see he seemed to be happy stories like the pieces on the africa mercy. multiple claims that day. mike nights he says the ship's managing director are good reasons to believe police worry one day this is the word either the gala. inside we find some of the country's most desperate patients. towards welcome people with pastor wright's club feet. hauritz and deformities. he'll suffer from health problems really see in the works. the actual book anemone i say and you have value were glad to hear in smiling at him. and then take the lead someone has had one of these conditions are quite visible. b
covenant are doing what they can. it's a mix of anxiety but also were on holidays we don't know how it's going to know the town center piece to four hundred year old japanese pagoda bridge has been reinforced to withstand the winds last long because its high alert and one is doing what they can to protect their home to hundreds of thousands have been evacuated everyone else is told to stay in their homes in coastal towns have all been shot. i don't get their cruelty in about three hundred heat is too close by to check out the way isn't it who couldn't. and i know. in this and we have read it in the off chance that won going away liking to keep the damage the hotel. goats have been confined to fortune for coastal provinces the man is standing firm in the face of it i found this to be gold records and always greets up to six meters high. well tens of thousands of people joined by promises of the vatican earlier on today praying for the victims all got to eat ice cream in the philippines needed or wanted for toll crowds and some interesting is whether he feels placed into the philippine p
don't know who it was they passed the phone to the driver is that we can find out exactly where it was in that time then i accompanied them just to work on a snake bite to them. while. i went into my eyes. the actor has an unusual new ways to use it among their car was parked in front of my hands. this ranges from to to work. low i did not. i went to see what's happening did you know he's going to work in i saw the next two and sell it in the snow mountain ranch right away. he immediately pointed me to the evidence to back inside and go back in. it's way back in and shortly afterwards things off with journalists. grace mary the single shots apparently the slide into the air. i couldn't see how many of them there were several people saw me and said there were four of them up to one that i so wasn't wearing any symbol and he identified as ours if anyone organizational up witness accounts all the abduction of two jonas as we've been saying about that all the catalan she's going to poll well for the radio station are a fight the sinker as this channel fast i got a skin reaction now
and pieces they don't see it yourself. made gestures you all this time of day compromises if an agreement is to be me too. what did you use the short said what is that you want it all. it's too bad. financial benefit to the beach a dress. that's a ice chests. they both israel and at the weekend and in the palestine as though it easy to find a way out you'll get caught up for bid is not a defence say with the agreement should consist of. it's a two year community well all we can do is to encourage you to pay you to support the leukaemia console and to tell you let the press for us the kinds of evil stored up to states for two peoples. will they be side by side in peace and security to compare with generous of them did it as the capital for both stats few days. and to recognize secure the borders what's on sunday basis of the night to see that the voters in the temple but it did with the possibility for territorial spots you all now was addicted to nicotine and the onset of the date total to two national compensation mechanism. does that mean. but the skinny on palestinian friends have reco
people not the story of what don't think that the method. the debate to go there without a conviction without. i kept it to report that they have to excuse or to get it all together. it does seem that the syrian opposition does need support from the international community tend to move for an a in this fight said if you don't come to the table if you don't have time. heidi expect to ever be resolved. the vip room of about fifteen minutes in table one. but i think that that that would be committed to the goal of the gutter area. these are the children though the shuttle that would work but they're not looking so good that i should go for up to me that the international cricket you can go but that would improve the potential to kill him only to nibble on older than she ever been a member. for that. they are shocked but still choosing to be the bad but it has to be told to go to get it right he's in now. we are going to tokyo or coke. for the above don't want to go there to point to point that the best of them that you ought to buy the shadow of the book i shudder at the beginning. it ju
it at the bendigo to you critique of people each week i think i have completed a cool couple they don't think he could keep going to the beat of that on the table and janet were being kept away from all the cake the cake in there i think the conventional telling her that the government. knowing that i can picture how long it will make a token of the itouch i apply it vacation cool local police we know it they are conducting i'm going to need to keep what you mean it that way. the e european union have liked but that meant that we can see that went well. the local court to allow minute briefing at the un freshman qb. at the un had to take back the us. to cap it would mean a huge attention. what kind of got off the peak can be made by viewing it i got it we do we really need because that according to the window thinking intriguing menu click on the beach being given a period or the chicken to people about how growing up to compromise the womb we can get my pool type reporting from geneva. i can branch out a business it's behind the deaths of two french journalists from our sister station rfid. tha
the lights didn't like it now where will the extra take them. don't more information on the program website. st kitts was a weekday. cos breaking news top twenty. so much the eagles to play the stock. while. good news a trail of death and destruction in the philippines one of the strongest storms ever recorded hammers the country leaving scores that. the deal could be in breach of her rants nuclear program but diplomats warned many obstacles remain the hawks and turkey thursday. and the forming of china's financial policies communist party leaders gather in beijing to hammer out a new path to economic growth the headline scalpel spent entertaining us by molly home first it could be the strongest typhoon ever to hit land. the nanny on the battered central philippines killing at least the one hundred people. this in the city of tackled on the houses there are reduced to rubble an airport novel than a surge of floodwater and high end brand. the death toll now at this is expected to rise sharply as search and rescue efforts going on with us moving the storm and now barrels sports and vi
i wanted from an underground pipe to be smashed. we don't know if it's safe to continue to boil it with history have something to the four series a priority for the humanitarian teams from huff a dozen countries that have begun arriving in the philippines among the person on the emergency assistance were belgian aid workers. cargill includes water purification systems we are really in a hurry to get to but it is also perfect obama in all it was an uproar false medical post lol one of the case the station. i wish the moving so my relief the duty of the population my fear has destroyed vital infrastructure making it difficult to reach remote areas. us troops will install equipment and the buggy down the tackle of the nair course to expand its capacity to cope with more delivery of emergency relief the official death toll of typhoon high and is now at over two thousand and one has been revised down the aisle from initial estimates and the number could be as high as ten thousand nineteen ten when mark thompson had more now from the devastated island of st. my limbs ripped its oppone
don't mind it is impossible for albania. to be included in this operation. a refusal would surprise many to for months. in september a syrian presence was shot on a sub decree two hundred to some thirteen hundred tons of sarin gas. most of gas and other dangerous agents. under proposals agreed by the organization to the present station of chemical weapons on friday ms dangerous chemicals will be transported out of syria by the end of the year. lead us. no good and is free and debates that target dates have been sick with the confidence and out of beirut the alternatives available. arms for destruction. with albanians decision to drop outs of the operation the question now becomes how will the chemical weapons be shipped abroad safely. i know it's a way they will be coming. now more than eighty we killed that ici and laid waste to much of the philippines the situation remains critical are still a configurable say that the number killed but with the un nikolic said the four thousand much higher than government estimates of the long delay supplies are beginning to reach survivors and h
. that in contemporary uk to date. why don't they look on the weekend i will do it without the armed men in women than in the tuesday that the political climate deal it's good for me to go hiking in the capital outing today. i know i would include medical certificate they carried. all i can show them to admit card. nowhere did it i'm keeping it in a good call on merdeka day of mourning. and try to keep it that he hadn't eaten a maple in the coming day. a marine the state government has long struggled to include diesel thirty one as being responsible. and believe in karma pure heart. all of these two t but he ate at the beacon capital. inquirer that the leader of the atlantic. i wondering how the government can include at all. all of you that even in the capital and in that they were not able to protect people. and that i can get that. you got to pull him to have it folks. the people then you'll have a miniature video of the government. he became enraged and kick the can of green in color coming up in trying to get the day. no i'm not really sure what they mean. even he could either be taken between hi
involvement. with crackle crackle paint again. his admission that the dead heat drinks and fries. i don't believe that he's a proper representative for the city trial. all it still has the support of the canadian prime minister stephen harper says he will continue to work with you. the mail also has a new tv show to which debuted on monday night. he told us the council is acting illegally and to seek reelection next g eight. i was switching gears now and talk sports and many people be asking whether or not it will be of bye bye and leave them to my friends squares off against ukraine the second leg of qualifiers for next year's world cup in brazil but to make or break a game for the french a must win tonight's game in paris make it to him the french coach has already said his team is playing exceptional match tuesday its died of fronts. but that could be an understatement. the blue will have to make history. no team has ever come back from a two goal deficit in european qualifying for the world cup france must win by at least three goals to claim brazil next summer. casino you get the i
power off rocks. my cats nicholas brush proposal. we know don't use him in the midst of the patients. mt was to protect its offense in eighteen sixty three to nineteen fifty three had been listed as much of the colony of french indochina the french poet in the early fifties that norodom sihanouk his father norodom sihanouk would be easy to influence instead he gained independence. the gallows a lot over the past they had detained a boy and a science davies to maintain every important relationship the one that israel's collaboration. a bit of mutual respect and also us two cents. the colonial legacy is visible in some of the architecture. defense news cambodia as the school's co robust me to dinner on the largess of a plantation in the world in the country haskell down to time and the colonization worldwide. i really know. and they will include events. to be painted i can deal with more french people. then during the two periods. and it continues to the greater the independence celebrations often tied to become an ongoing political crisis. the text to speech prime minister hun sen is cont
that they don't carry is expected to join the school. i brought discredit breaking as being downgraded by one hopes to double a good ear for president or president of sparkle on this stuff. we are watching a wrong thing kept my interest on camera. it's good to be with us. full of people have died in london as intended sky news on record to hit the philippines. super typhoon. leon was smashed into tasty peanut is on the central island of some not. about six hundred km southeast of manila the photo on friday that maximum sustained winds of about two hundred and seventy five km path. some extent it has the story it's turning into the philippines on friday tiki hundred and two of three houses. no trades how a nineties. gary condit cost accounts of the rhine is in hock to the country packing winds of up to three hundred km island. we feel we're a continuous period will do a tremendous amount of damage with unison lines down. it's been difficult. i need to get through to the non food sites. and i are down on the other is open to our ears open a key shot. i think that it is not about the existence o
. krishna been no costs perhaps at that establishment but sisters don't have the right to post on the other that position and if you look back and in some fifteen years. cool elections to be won by pro taxing governments all of the ocean is better off than the current that democrat party who were supporting these protests they don't even tell it twice once up to two thousand and six two and two thousand and eight when the calls his old one of the toxin affiliates apologies to the gum leaves the time and that democracy and the end of the right is on the side and then eventually support will we go over to swim and it will not be a nice full force. well wolf in bangkok the germans for that update. the net to egypt where the military backed government continues to clamp down on the opposition raising the specter returned to the pre revolutionary here at least two hundred people were arrested friday off the emotion rather than for the supporters to demonstrate much of the anger is directed at the recently implemented in all that effective the apples will protest unless they have released a full
to war zones. because they don't go there. they want reports about what happens is that the patients and so it's very important for us to know what happens in zoe's was owen's rsi has received messages of sympathy from him round the wild. french foreign ministry don't have is is that it expressed the government's contaminants is. all falling into killing off tuesday french msn money the government of president paul sloane is vowing to increase security in northern areas of money. the current french un in law in the dutch contingent in the country's ill equipped to patrol the boston area which is in which owns the mission continued to run for the cats all of the ferry. following a brutal double murder there are no question marks over the security and keep down in northern mallee. she's been to poland told their own were abducted in a city where french and un troops have been stationed since it is here. france's foreign minister no obvious that after a meeting with france won on sunday. but security with the titans. the fool who actually knew. dude must be stressed that security measur
that we are naomi at chifley local company had the cat tree they don't like going all the police could leave the area. at the end of the day you look at them what to wear and keep and which had been holding it in many robots have been directed by local residents and eight on the abdomen until tonight they came late in the hot ticket in maple. then we were a bit more violent anti bank account. thank you very much did nothing to silence him it's the opposite. also news in israel the song they'll stay in the three day trip to the region. later on today he met his account of optional there is to receive a bill so helpful to a joint press conference with prime minister netanyahu on the agenda peace negotiations with the palestinians and a rise in uk press down on the subject of iran will pass to resume talks shortly although promise that strong to maintain the fun starts when we are. this is increasingly concerned about the prospect of a deal being struck with israel's arch enemy the sickness. choice is not to do that and more the company. the reader. two runs but it's a miracle. it is poss
are enormous steps. in terms of verification transparency and accountability. don't carry that speaking alongside william hague the british foreign secretary in london white house's official wanna give the president to barack obama has spoken to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about that deal with it the wrong of course israel had forced a considerable concerns about six months to more analysis now all those talks in geneva which await a bite of the bomb on me a snotty who is loyal all fat and iran takes but the bbc. mix this again when sil reaction then add to that news all of a deal that iraq will cost you tutu. and that they wish to remember the name sanctions were talking about people the two ue in sydney the ending sanctions for more than a decade now go back to us sanctions for more than three decades. day to day basis we are missing elementary teacher. are you missing medication before dawn because of lack of adequate in the kitchen so this is a sign of hope for the entire range. i also believe that this kind of hope for the discussion as far as pieces. remembering
negotiations with various writers but this is up there with us. you don't want to be but why must you don't trust is those anymore and this is crossed by myself i don't believe the basement is the status of all this on the i don't see myself be going back to vanquish it. your present just that what ever happens on the ground we will continue the process to the town which is in six months it's a nine month process. what ever happens on the ground will continue do you agree with this one. i am starting to form a cup of the president and this is the comic michael porto boss and. the it does the president does not want to give an excuse for to be the best way to stop them. on the process even call betty everett on the ballot is good thing but it can begin to bite the bait but it killed the dollar. it is quite devoted to the american wants to close idiot on the ground it doesn't actually make that once the dust but the buttons that whips up was to bring gospels of the aspersions on the go holland v of making goss pool like the gap is getting white though but rather about the gap is not work s
from the us a couple of days ago and i my feeling is that the new generations don't really know very much about him and told him that he is at commemorations are going to take these two they are basically centered on the assassination itself as it where young president cut down in his prime. the legacy is not very well known. i think as i sit on the part of the general in a certain age omni. and jesus. speculation is really centered on who did it and apparently some new elements have come to the fore that sounds somewhat convincing and we also know that a number of documents at the still secret will be released in twenty seventeen and is not too long from now it's also. palpable as it with that said it is that kennedy and his wife jacqueline kennedy are considered iconic and the best that the united states has ever managed to produce as a player but that doesn't go much deeper than that among the general population unfortunately to my mind. that iconic states is because they were cut down and cried when they were young and beautiful cousins that were not one of the really cheap for
on something mom comes in the gunman stood waiting to ambush don't find this house in central pa mccain. in the morning. the french poetry of my select the one he pounced. yet not somebody who looks in to get to the office and injustice he was leaving we saw a man with a gun. he tried to shoot entity. but you may see a new book movie. the french embassy employees of those winters buses injuries are not considered life threatening. a lucky escape from a rare attack in the morning. the gunman was quickly arrested ole there are conflicting reports as to how he was cold. hours and she too was captured by french military. he advises housekeepers oval to claim credit. a little money left in oakwood women's he fired the round. my run after him with my posts so my boss pulled out his gun and says he was fishing and no one told him he couldn't see the opening round and round pizza with all the time. lisa money found and made weapons and religious mixture inside the assailants property the french foreign ministry saying it's too runny to determine the motive behind the sheet sing. it's the first
of brothers and we don't seem to break and we were request to order pizza kits ready yet to get far enough away. welcome back to the places i came from. and then interim believe that we know all the presents except that the home ian kelly said libya has time to rein in emissions by passing them on the government payroll dropping them to provide security iner cities. these tactics of any help to trace the groups that infinity and civil society and stabilizing an already fragile governments need to use up to the end of the country's civil war every sneeze just emails sudanese state media is reporting at least a hundred people have been killed in fighting in the duffel province. you can choose between the rival arab tribes in this area and asylum act intense battles have been flattering on a smaller between the two grapes in southwest and awful the afghan president and us negotiators agreed on a new security pact the sun today allowing some american troops to stay on back off to the two thousand and fourteen deadline tuesday. just now was off to a scam athlete to win mind of the key security
struggles in the world. or no deal is we don't respect the sovereign rights of people. wounded oh one to increase his strength and emo critique bargain and serene gardens and the stamp is a result of that. he just backed into torres on possible arrest revealed the same as teaching torah beach its ambassador. and we give him a deadline and asking to leave sticky. by november the twenty ninth his premises became elements mixed report four strikeouts henry brown explains how it's come to those that suck ish egyptian relations egypt and turkey's relationship took a solid ten on saturday in the egyptian government decided to scale back its diplomatic ties with turkey accusing her of interference in internal defense. not to visit the edwardian most of them out of radio. we have three cold egyptian ambassador in ankara back to hire a lawyer from iggy has been back since boulders. of all time domestic double. we summoned the tickets ambassador in cairo to the egyptian foreign ministry and acclaim in the salmon on grounds that he is sitting on the cross in the country. mia if the decision come
. but in a tricky issue because the time and i don't even need to be executed against him that one thing has its roots in the south indian state of tom and i do. so it's a kick in the balancing act minister manmohan singh why he has a high eleven dedication to attend the summit the south has decided to steal week nothing to jeopardize ties with india but rather than a friend come and vote as ahead of next year's general elections. google conference that in more news about the team is on the stitching ground in yet will fill you with my healing and helping to reform the country. one megabytes at a time. tune in for a special type thinking for a visit to india. don't miss this special edition of twenty four on the lookout well welcome to the program this summer bringing you a special edition from the moon by which it of course the scene of the top of that india's film industry and what i say indian film. you may think of that they get lavish holiday with productions but the industry has a lot more to it than just got to talk about that time joined by a non gandhi he is the director and director of
they don't trust him. what you think epic joining us for stuff for close to a week now french police have been on the hunt for a man who shot a photographer and left when you speak of the bastille before firing shots outside the headquarters of banks education are not of that suspect was finally arrested last night he was found semi conscious in a parked car north west of paris apparently trying to commit suicide. after the exodus the details the main and ended the year at this underground parking garage outside parents. thanks to a tip off and down hakeem think i was found in a vehicle in a semi conscious state the police to a still from spunk and a letter was found on the seat next to him the key to keep everything seems to show that indeed he tries to commit suicide however he did not kill him self which is very important so that we can find out all the facts the truth about his motivations for which we obviously do not know yet call it the whole car led police on a chase across the french capital. after it stated shootings that started on friday. investigators say the re able to max v
measures aircraft don't identify themselves so far has been no reaction to the us flights wednesday the disputed islands are in fact controlled by japan and tokyo has told its national carrier's not to comply with china's request for flight plans. ukraine reports these islands in the east china sea have long been a source of tension between china and japan. on monday the united states weighed into the drama by sending to the fifty two bonus on a training mission in the area. defining china's expansion of an air defense and that now covers the disputed islands. they've announced at the weekend has drawn widespread criticism from the us and its allies this unilateral action appears to be an id ten t o not be unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea on the school raised regional tensions increase the risk of miscalculation confrontation an accident. vietnam's the fifty two used to call from mom in the evening flying into the islands during what pentagon officials describe as long as training exercise. crucially in the us did not inform china at the store see. does it sa
tonight the decree the community citizens don't want the destruction brought by content and defends the security force that can be turned. but others say them in the trees using tactics reminiscent of the mubarak regime the voices of dissent the serious civil war and for the tree could be cooked the sauce tricycle sequences of ethical picked on civilian lives the u n's refugee agency racing in europe or friday highlighting the plight that series children of one million children are going to be living in the refugees in neighbori countries call the total number of eggs inside syria. the report and his voice to the traumatized young people as they describe the violence and that they left behind them. unhcr saying that the syrian trustee says ontario since the euro a rwandan genocide that should be. children are loosing their own brothers or sister shot dead in front of him. we have child victims of coulter. we have children who are really being screwed according to unspeakable. it also says they are rioting in the region these camps. they need help. it's as if any progress is we need
to blame for the activity let me pee a token to me about the bombing on a trip to cuba now if i don't care. watching the master in utar. i can international media is scrambling to speed up imagine ca deliveries to the philippines. amid the devastation wreaked by typhoon hang on to ships kl all the chaos that is becoming clearer now millions of people have been affected. many still have no access to fidget changing tool that lets them know you and says that it be as ten thousand people have been killed in the cts cut down on my end. kyle brown reports amidst the devastation of typhoon the neon survivors try to find who lost loved ones. putting bodies into makeshift coffins. ribery the victims themselves joseph and his friends have come to find the body of the sister which makes clothes for three days. one of the people to a fallen victim to the worst ever storm to hit the philippines the united nations estimates that the death toll for taco by malone has surpassed ten thousand. this mom has a list of the people from his neighborhood who died or disappeared. i will be bought at the utah guar
to stay with this. don't read next. the business and the ch. one year ago french troops began their withdrawal from pisa enough to stop the bleeding of the fifty of their colleagues to work during four years in the tree presents. that approach a local development projects of one victim to corruption the afghan army has struggled to contain the taliban. when the americans leave. what will happen to the country reporters on the site kept in force and kept all gone act. she is a sin to you on all the stops and there are two sides to europe's car industry. small. it runs like a truancy are still struggling with falling sales the high end brands are eyeing growth especially in markets outside your title and land rover is often about to cast a korean it's become a real cash cow for its own of the indian conglomerate style to begin ten on to tackle on land rovers chief executive rob spence peace with its from the sun does or says so. but the company has introduced a coupe a passion of the tiger at that time and that's in a pretty dramatic action as you can see not that big a very muc
not that that was on internationally as a tent. i don't think it fitting on seventies nine egypt's muslim brotherhood has lost an appeal against a court decision to ban the group and sees its bombs of course in september and the brotherhood egypt's oldest and most influential business group often seen as president on the top seed was ousted by the omni falling mass protests against his rule. on july the beds. lol then chai no one has and has been killed and eight injured in a series of small expansion second chance you province. love struck outside the provincial headquarters of the ruling on his body in a secure site you an official statement is pasted on line gave no information at the utah kids all the perpetrators. well security forces are on a chair amendment and that spawning the attack in beijing last week in which three people and ran three times in tiananmen gate. and before and that vehicle unlike the attack killed five people including those inside the vehicle and tutorials and has been detained on muslim extremists separatists from the rested since done region well of wool on all this that's not
survive that way i don't actually know how she managed to do this. yet it's hard to believe that will clean up i got sealed bearing the marks of her ordeal that fernandez is a given range and new names princeton to make her feel cars if they're firmly into been affected by the storm and flooding much of this easy. i tried to use five of my closest relatives it's pretty painful. i feel obliged to care for the scare him because of that saying we care for. he she is one of the lucky ones. aid agencies are warning that the typhoon has led some to mean children at risk in the philippines hrc save the children says those orphans after disasters like this when our vulnerable to abuse and exploitation it's among the groups warning this age still isn't reaching some of the worst affected areas. countries all around the world of offered billions of euros worth of aid to the philippines one thousand troops and aircraft are due to arrive from japan and amass a us aircraft carrier with five thousand soldiers and eighty aircraft is now in the philippines to help get food water and medicin
die than here in the kitchen and they don't the next day which is injecting the seven hundred and sixty volts the defendants in court. i need i say god did see the results are astonishing the jury is an intense yet light to non apple getting into uni feel. still fit there. it's going to call it a contest to hasidic skin is intense. they have a semi detectors. the second is awful. will you be born of the way they'll go for the kiddo to shake his head down. julie anne hobbs show off or concealed center cost of the pricey. the thesis projects exams coming soon ah well. it was going to say you were trying to do here history is at work toward creating a sort of bothers you. he feels that he is of course. and here mandating use a tissue a connection and a nice visit an exhibition which will run from that and the contested every second of the job and it comes in packets. it leads to mental cold chills sumthing tat since date we have a few tricks up our sleeve for a second test day . ap described as a one nine sec to sunday and a man with a thousand faces into the cacti jointly on sec
cap. don't go. is albanian ready to join the european union the eu commission said in its latest report that a small mountainous nation in the balkan peninsula should be given the green light to start membership talks was europe's most secretive and totalitarian regime andrea has come a long way since the fall of communism in the early nineties but eu officials warned this nation of three point two million remains plagued by corruption and organized crime. it never shuts the welcome to the studio cosmic dust you are obeying his foreign minister. not a deron was so pissed cos he won a landslide victory in june's on this the election and the eight is a concept the rule now it's your time in office for the source list. what his thoughts with you. europe is going through a very deep crisis and call it an existential crises you see your skepticism. pricey across the continents. why are you so eager to join the european union the european union accession process. it's the national objective in his offending and shared across political spectrum. but due to specific circumstances all the
or else the government that and they said no they don't even want a democrat government in power again they want the people's parliament. i'm a very rough week described the idea without much detail of the moment at that but then they say amen to the moxie does not walk in and that the prime minister came on tv today saying that that would be a legally impossible under the constitution so the mum in the center there's not much room for discussion on these issues. yes is to say that that the center of this is taxation lot of work but that practice is free but his control all the political system in the country still despite being a living in and as we see it. there's also the issues in terms of democracy that people may say that the country has been paralyzed by the toxic they want what they say is the people's parliament. it is now worth reporting there from bangkok. next six former soviet states are meeting european leaders today in vilnius as part of the summit to try and bring them all close together and ukraine looks set to steal the spotlight at that eu summit. there are more mass
. we don't even touching the magic potion hey life's he's a successful comic book as you can see that fence and eagerly awaits in the next on the lights finally i've had. this is a fast one that has a new nineties and courageous isn't that the handsome pretty pink shoes to fill a compressor them to the concerns of very um difficult. usually a non mm expects the series to be as good as it spins so far what in the lead on a fee to the zoo was supervising all that silly since he didn't like the van all the known and it takes a couple of really good comic book artists on me. we all knew already the last good things like the one is roots to vote on that then it was awesome which is an amazing comic book and come hide the things he's in a mountain was also there again so it's two in the weights. it's not like we are dealing with them. small time that's when i came out this site is coming but fate is not with steve at nights and then the petsmart step as the streets and albany state acting since the place the daisy buchanan ninety of hands on a copy of the streets and take sats them to
outside of europe so don't r is a very good by then the ex introduction to present so here they who are looking at different the cbd keys the trip taking in theecision at that moment what about the french government has been talk of the french government also recalls taking its stake will know all the different possibilities so to speak on the table. to amount to a zoo is backing it as a company she said she plans to report on foil. as the government foes of friends to susan reason why we have to mean the whole squeeze and to be able to tour shows the fact that we're doing a good decision for the future of the company to support it then i'll back has been supported by the government the series no discussions was the government to take a stake in the pits take a peek at the moment. i want to talk a little bit about the general car market as well p estate sales that they were down again and that the court to combat to twenty twelve when will those sales hates bolts and for you when they get when other then that i knocked again. do. we have two sons and sixteen situation the question i
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